Wednesday, July 30, 2008

21 Days: Covenant


I read the beautiful scenario of Jesus washing the disciples' feet prior to the last supper. Tonight I reread the account (John 13). By the end of the day I found that passage of scripture to be so tender and pure it almost made me cry.

The book (21 Days Closer To Christ
) challenged me to write down an experience where I felt the Savior minister to me. I recently did that here. And interestingly, that story also refers to the sacrament.

The book also challenged me to remember. Remember the sacrament, and its prayers. Remember Him always. Think before I act. Make every choice honor his name.

Here I failed woefully. But when I reminded myself, things changed. What I learned was if I fall so short when I'm actually focusing, intent, trying...imagine how I forget to remember when it's NOT my daily focus. What's more, it's often in the falling short that we discover how deeply, how often we NEED him. Remembering needs to be a daily challenge...EVERY day.


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