Monday, July 28, 2008

21 Days: Come

In Mark Chapter 1, disciples Simon and Andrew are casting their nets into the water when the Savior spots them on the shore. They are approached by Jesus with an invitation, "Come follow me." It says they straightway left their nets and followed him.

In her book 21 Days Closer To Christ
by Emily Freeman, she asks us to consider what is in our own nets; what hinders us from following Christ that we perhaps need to leave behind?These are my thoughts:

My net is full to the brim with parenting tasks, most of which may ultimately lead me to Christ by caring for my family. But when seen as mere tasks, they can also be a distraction. The same is true of blogging. I feel like my posts are (for the most-part) uplifting soul-searches. Some more than others. But I feel like there is a limit where blogging is no longer a wise use of my time. So I have on my net-list household tasks like cooking and cleaning, not because they aren't important, but because they compete for my time. Then there are bills and money issues. Even though we live essentially debt-free. And they nag and distract. My own discouragement is next, over weight problems, lack of motivation, and feelings of inadequacy that creep in. Then there are the challenges with the children: discipline, defiance, and disorder.

She then asks us to listen for quiet invitations from the Lord to come and see.
Some of mine from today are: Our Family Home Evening: Josh's lesson was great. We were all laughing, and enjoying each other. He asked us to fast for him to be outgoing and make good friends at EFY next week. I also recognized my invitation from Mary Ellen to speak about Scriptures at Sunstone as yet another invitation to come closer to Christ. I feel a need to rededicate myself and ramp up my diligence in preparation for that presentation. And of course my ponderings in Alma 5.

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